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Compression stockings with open toe

15-21 mmHg

Open toe compression stockings

Open toe compression stockings are the ideal solution for you if you think the ordinary compression stockings put too much pressure on the toes. This is actually a normal feeling – that the stockings are too tight and restrict your movements. With the open toe, your toes can move freely which might just be the added comfort that makes your compression stockings a definite success.


You will get extraordinary good comfort which will definitely improve your blood circulation. The models with open toe, that you can find on this site, all have a high content of cotton (up to 54 %) making them soft and comfortable to wear. If you are looking for compression stockings you should consider a pair of open toe stockings, as they ensure a completely unique comfort around the toes and are at the same time very suitable year round.


Look here to find out, why you should choose compression stockings

With a pair of compression stockings you will improve the blood circulation from legs and feet and back to the heart helping to prevent blood clots, varicose veins, and general soreness in the legs. These are all good reasons for investing in a pair of compression stockings which does not differ much from ordinary stockings. At the same time, we can put to rest once and for all the myth that compression stockings are for elderly or pregnant women only. On the contrary, everyone can benefit from them, as they deliver a unique service to your body and health.


Whether you choose the traditional compression stockings or open toe compression stockings you will get this unique advantage. It works pretty much like this; the stockings will add extra pressure to your venous pumps and veins keeping the circulation at its best. Normally the circulation will become weaker the further away from the heart you get – perfectly logical - while you with a support stocking will get a more even and constant pressure. This ensures the improved blood circulation and thereby a better health.


The selection of open toe compression stockings on this site

On this site you will find great stockings with support from SupCare who take pride in delivering high quality. They have therefore passed our tests and deserve to be a part of our regular selection. The stockings are compression class 1 which is the normal class of support stockings. Compression stockings in class 2 and 3 are prescribed by your GP which the ones you will find in this category on the other hand are not.


As mentioned, the stockings have a high content of cotton making them lovely to wear. Beside this, the compression is between 15 and 21 mmHg deemed by experts to be suitable for everyday use.

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