Class 2 (23-32 mmHg)

Compression stockings class 2

Compression stockings class 2 are also known as compression stockings which differ from ordinary compression stockings class 1 in various ways.  Contrary to compression stockings class 1, the class 2 types are prescribed by a doctor which is evidence of their extraordinary ability to put pressure on legs and feet.  With compression stockings class 2 you are guaranteed a superb blood circulation giving you an even pressure from the feet and back to the heart.


Compression stockings class 2 give a harder pressure than class 1, the exact reason for the above.  When extra pressure is needed, compression stockings class 2 are preferable, as you get a significant better and more precise pressure. We have many compression stockings in this class - read more below and get more information about, as to when you should choose class 2 compression stockings.


Why choose compression stockings class 2?

With compression stockings in general there is an added pressure on the venous pumps improving the return of the blood from the feet and legs back to the heart. Without the use of compression stockings the pressure gets weaker the further away you get from the heart – a perfectly logical development – and one you can avoid with a pair of superb stockings with support.  


Swellings in the legs will also be reduced considerably just like they are used as a preventive treatment for blood clots. Compression stockings below class 2 are not suitable as actual treatment; they are on the contrary a preventive solution. Compression stockings class 2 are highly suitable for both purposes.  Therefore they can also reduce swelling and sufferings as well as effectively ease varicose veins.


Especially bedbound patients and recently operated patients can benefit hugely from compression stockings, as these reduce the risk of blood clots. They are also highly effective tool for pregnant women, and people who sit still for longer periods of time.


Let yourself be seduced by our compression stockings

There are, as you can see, many practical benefits to gain from compression stockings class 2 which ensures an outstanding good circulation. This gives you a better and more comfortable everyday life which should not be destroyed by swollen knees and pains.


It is important these stockings suit you perfectly which is why we recommend contacting a professional before buying a pair of compression stockings class 2. The quality of our selection is of course approved by the appropriate medical regulatory agencies, just as they are regularly tested and checked thoroughly by official authorities.  This is your guarantee for high quality!


Talk to a professional if you think it is time to invest in a pair of compression stockings. They are then able to help you with size and other questions, and hereafter it is easy for you to order the wanted model from us.



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